Essential Terminology for Defense Attorneys to Learn Prior to Cross-examining Forensic Scientists from State or Provincial Labs

Measurement Accuracy VIM 2.13


Measurement Precision VIM 2.15


Measurement VIM 2.1


Measurement Standard VIM 5.1, OIML D 1 3.1.5, W & MA 2, NRC 3.0


Metrological Traceability VIM 2.41, OIML D 1 3.3, 3.1.2, NIST IA, NRC 6.2, NRC 3.0


Metrologically Relevant VIML 4.03



Adjustment VIM 3.11


Calibration - Etallonage VIM 2.39, OIML D 1 3./1.3, Motherisk 3.3.1, NRC 3.0


Measuring Interval VIM 4.7


Calibration Curve VIM 4.31, Motherisk 3.2.4


Calibrator VIM 5.12, Motherisk 3.2.4


Calibration Hierarchy VIM 2.40


Measurement Error VIM 2.16


Initial Intrinsic Error VIML 5.11


Systematic Measurement Error VIM 2.17



Measurement Procedure SOP VIM 2.6, Motherisk 3.2 @ p. 29


Accreditation (3rd party) Motherisk 3.2.2, VIML A.19


Environmental Stability NRC 4.3


Metrological Supervision OIML D 1 3.1.11


Surveillance of the Use of Instruments OIML D 1 3.1.13


Surveillance VIML A.20


Maximum Permissible Error VIML 0.05


Audit VIML A.12,


Audit Trail VIML 6.05



Durability VIML 5.15


Drift, Instrument Drift VIM 4.21 change in metrological properties over time


Durability Error VIML 5.16


Durability Test VIML 5.22


Calibration Interval NRC 6.8, NCSLI RP-1, Establishment & adjustment of Cal Intervals 2007,  Simplified Calibration Interval Analysis


Determination of Calibration Interval OIML D10


Due Date of Next Calibration ISO 17025 5.5.5(f)


Clear Label, Date Last, Date of Expiry ISO 17025 5.5.8


Corrective Action ISO 17025

Cause Analysis

Take Out of Service ISO 17025 5.5.7

Additional audits ISO 17025 4.11.5

Documentation ISO 17025 4.11.3

To a degree appropriate ISO 17025 4.11.3

Shall Monitor ... Have Been Effective ISO 17025 4.11.4


Factors Affecting Reliability ISO 17025

Human 5.2

Environmental 5.3

Test & Calibration Methods 5.4

Equipment     5.5

Traceability 5.6

Sampling 5.7

Calibration Items 5.8

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