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Allbiss Lawdata Ltd. is not a law firm. Stephen R. Biss is the President of Allbiss Lawdata Ltd.. Stephen R. Biss is a retired lawyer,  in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Allbiss Lawdata Ltd. provides support services to lawyers and attorneys, including continuing education programmes. The purpose of this site is to assist attorneys and lawyers in identifying issues that can be the subject of cross-examination of state or Crown experts when defending criminal charges involving a forensic quantitative measurement.

This site aims to encourage continuing education and discussion among lawyers and attorneys. Please do not try to defend yourself using what you read at this site. The comments made at this site will not be admissible as proof of anything because the author is not a scientific expert and does not purport to be a scientific expert.

Defence lawyers will find additional information about the reliability of evidentiary breath instruments at:

Youtube Playlist

You will find links at this site to connect to 4 online Udemy courses that deal with quantitative analysis under Canada's drinking and driving laws. One of the courses is Private and is only available to Canadian defence lawyers. Discounts to the other courses may be available if you are a Canadian defence lawyer:

Basic course: This course is good for those who want to know the basics of DUI defence and start to prepare for cross-examinations of breath techs under Bill C-46.
"How Do I Fight a DUI charge? Attorneys and Lawyers in Canada"

Intoxilyzer Sequences Course: If you can't take one of my in-office hands-on courses using Intoxilyzers, this is the best substitute. The focus is on the command sequences and proper operator procedure:
"Defense of a DUI Breathalyzer Charge by an Ontario Attorney"

Wet-bath Simulators Course: Under Bill C-46 defences will be limited. A defense attorney's focus will often be on the control tests and air blanks. Intermediate level students need to build a good grasp of how the wet-bath simulators are used in Ontario and how the dry gas alcohol standard is used in western Canada.
"DUI Defence in Canada: wet-bath simulator alcohol standard"


For more information contact:

Allbiss Lawdata Ltd.

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


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