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COBRA May Reveal RS232 Interface

Tip 23: If you obtain COBRA by Crown co-operation, Stinchcombe, O'Connor, or FOI, #duisimulator temperatures such as 33.95 or 33.99 will quickly tell you that police are relying on an RS-232 interface connection between the 8000C and the Guth 2100. This information is very useful to the defence in determining the protocol that should have been used by the qualified technician based on the CFS 8000C Training Aid. You will notice these temperature recordings, to two decimal places, in OPP data. You will also be able to tell if a police service has started using the RS-232 interface but then abandoned the practice. You may discover that different QTs at the same detachment are following different protocols unique to each QT. Some QTs may always accept the pre-populated RS-232 res value while others may follow the CFS Training Aid protocol and enter the actual temperature that they observe. Please note that it is impossible for QTs to observe a Guth 2100 displayed temperature of "33.99" because the display only uses one decimal place.

COBRA simulator temperatures all 3399
Simulation of COBRA data prepared by S. Biss

See CFS 8000C Training Aid 2013 page 97 of 238. Your whole approach to cross-examination about simulator temperatures, quality control, and quality assurance will change if police are using the RS-232 interface:

Excerpt from CFS 8000C Training Aid

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