• Stephen Biss

OIML R126 is the International Standard for Evidential Breath Analyzers


To obtain admissions that:

there exists an international legal measurement standard for evidential breath analyzers

the International Standard for Evidential Breath Analyzers is OIML R126

that OIML R126 is the international standard referred to by Brian Hodgson in his paper

that Canada is a member state of OIML

that Canadian scientists have played a role in the development of this international standard

that the international standard does not state that one control test data point is adequate to check the reliability of evidential breath analyzers

to introduce the concept of MPE or "maximum permissible error" at low, medium, and high data points, such as 50, 100, 300 mg/100mls

to consider the different applications of MPE at each of: type approval, initial verification of the specific instrument, verification after repair, all contrasted with at time of subject tests.

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