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DUI Metrology Dictionary

Intoxilyzer 5000/5000C

The Intoxilyzer 5000C is, an approved instrument in Canada, manufactured by CMI, Inc. in Owensboro, Kentucky. There were at least 3 generations of Intoxilyzer 5000: the 5000 64 series, the 5000 66 series, and the 5000EN series. The 5000C is really a 5000 66 series even though they all have serial numbers that start with "64-". All use IR spectroscopy exclusively to quantitate ethyl alcohol concentration in breath. There are many software versions used in each state or province. Later production 5000Cs look more similar to 5000ENs rather than 5000 66 series, but seem to have (mostly) 66 series circuitry. The "C" in 5000 does not refer to Canada, it refers to the communications software and keyboard (ADAMS, now COBRA) that the manufacturer promised during AGC approval.

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