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DUI Metrology Dictionary


Bureau International Des Poids et Mesures: "the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards." The BIPM was created by the Metre Convention, which was signed on 20 May 1875. Visit Think of the BIPM as the office for the CGPM.

The BIPM web site is a very good source of infomation about metrology - measurement science. Lawyers, law students, and forensic science students will find helpful international literature therein.

It is important to note that Canada's Weights and Measures Act requires:

"Basis for units of measurement

4 (1) All units of measurement used in Canada shall be determined on the basis of the International System of Units established by the General Conference of Weights and Measures."

If the BIPM is the intergovernmental organization through which Canada acts together with other Member states on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards, then surely any provincial or federal reference to measurement (specifically quantitative analysis) in a statute or reg must connect to the definitions and standards set by the BIPM for the CGPM of which Canada is a member. Canadian references in a statute or reg to a concentration, distance, time, or mass must be construed and applied in the context of the work done by the BIPM. It is therefore a major error for Canada's Courts to not make reference to the standards published by the BIPM when making rulings concerning measurements for forensic purposes. Forensic science that ignores the publications of the BIPM produces flawed forensic evidence. Reliance on an entity which publishes without reference, footnote, or connection to the BIPM will result in flawed forensic evidence.

When cross-examining and arguing, defence lawyers should use the vocabularies and terminology of the BIPM and related international organizations rather than the usual words judicially considered. Judges should ensure that when they construe and apply Canadian statutes, and apply existing case law, that they cross-reference, connect, and adjust to BIPM and related vocabularies.

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