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The Perfect Simulator

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Tip 20: Peel Regional Police Service has a #duisimulator DR5790 associated with Intoxilyzer 80-004789 that perfectly maintained its temperature at exactly 34.00 C in the following years:

2012 1139 subject tests and cal checks @ 34.00 and no other temperature

2013 1126 subject tests and cal checks @ 34.00 and no other temperature

Data from a COBRA download can be sorted in Excel to hold fields such as source and res_type constant. The following is a simulated excerpt of a portion of the data referred to above.

Simulated spreadsheet showing data for source, res_type, and res_value.
This data is simulated. In the real spreadsheet the data continues for a total of 1139 subject tests in 2012 and 1126 in 2013.

COBRA is useful in finding perfect results that never vary.

Transparency of COBRA data (full disclosure) could be very useful to the Crown in proving, and to Courts in finding, that the equipment used by the local police service is perfect and never makes mistakes, even when the simulator temperature is read by the officer to two decimal places using the digital thermometer on the simulator or a mercury thermometer (that reads to one decimal place).

Don't police QTs key-in the temperature after reading a digital and/or mercury thermometer, on the simulator, that reads to one decimal place? The screen is pre-populated but the QT is expected to accept the pre-populated number or manually key-in what they actually see on the digital and/or mercury thermometer.

Do the police in your jurisdiction take the easy route and always press "accept" or do they follow their training?

Excerpt fromCFS 8000C TRaining Aid
Excerpt from CFS 20-13 Intoxilyzer 8000C Training Aid p. 97 of 238

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