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Chips & Cracks in the Simulator Jar

Tip 28: Make inquiries about chips or cracks in the simulator jar. Use a FOI application, Stinchcombe, O'Connor, or cross-examine to make inquiries about chips in the glass edge of the simulator jar. Henry's Law cannot apply to a simulator / alcohol standard system that is not sealed and at equilibrium.

Over-tightening the wet-bath simulator jar or a worn o-ring between the jar and the housing can cause chips in the edge. A simulator jar screwed tightly to establish a seal when there are already problems with the edge can cause a crack in the jar causing further difficulty with opening.

Wet-bath simulator jar with crack from over-tightening
Cracks form in the glass simulator jar over time due to over-tightening. This jar needs to be replaced to preserve Henry's Law applicability.

Guth Laboratories inc. supplies police with a silicone lubricant whenever police purchase a new wet-bath simulator. It appears that police rarely use the lubricant between the jar and the housing.

Package of silicone grease for use on simulator threads
Police should use silicone grease on simulator threads to prevent leaks

It is the responsibility of the qualified technician to check the simulator jar whenever the alcohol standard is changed. See CFS 2013 8000C Training Aid page 87 of 238:

Excerpt from CFS Intoxilyzer 8000C Training Aid 2013.
The Procedure that is mandated contains a STOP sign. Check the opening pages of the Training Aid to see what "STOP" means. The QT must comply with this protocol according to their training. If they don't do so, perhaps the Crown can't prove CCC section 320.31(1)(a) and take advantage of conclusive proof.

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