• Stephen Biss

3 Consecutive Annual Inspections Reveal a Trend Towards Unreliability


To obtain an admission from the government scientist that a review of the documents from 3 annual inspections reveals a trend such that indications in the lower portion of the measuring interval are reading low and indications in the upper portion of the measuring interval are reading high, in other words, the response of the instrument to known levels of alcohol standard has drifted such that there has been a trend in change in the accuracy of the instrument.

To consider the alternative explanation that the inspectors are not following the same standard operating procedures during inspection from one annual inspection to the next.

To obtain an admission that further disclosure or production of information from the inspector on the annual inspections is necessary to properly assess these anomalies.

To obtain an admission that the inspection procedure and use of the instrument continued even though the results were outside the low end of the range / tolerance.

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