• Stephen Biss

How to Calibrate - Teach an AI - Build the Inverse Logarithmic Calibration Curve


To educate the Court about the Analytical Theory of the 8000C Optical Bench including Emitter, Sample Chamber, Dual Detectors, Inverse Logarithmic relationship, and building the Calibration Curve based on the theory that differing ethanol concentrations have differing % absorption of IR light.

To lay the groundwork for the importance of calibration and re-calibration respecting the reliability of any approved instrument.

To explain the auto-calibration function of the instrument that is run at the factory or the Authorized service Centre.

To lay the groundwork for why changes to the relationship between electrical signals coming off the detector and true indication result in drift in accuracy and precision, i.e. loss of reliability.

#calibration #autocalibration #opticalbench #precision #accuracy #reliability

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