Each Test Stands on Its Own

Purposes of this cross-examination:

To challenge the ATC hypothesis or policy that "each test stands on its own".

To identify the hypothesis as faith or policy, not scientific opinion.

To demand the wording of the hypothesis and the empirical testing methodology if it is a scientific opinion.

To identify exactly what other anchoring information ATC/CFS considers essential to reliability notwithstanding this sweeping statement.

To identify exactly what other information they label irrelevant.

To obtain an admission that this is not scientific opinion.

To educate the Court as to the difference between scientific opinion and technical opinion.

To separate the difference between a priori logical opinion and an opinion based on empirical science.

To identify the lack of empirical studies using "sampling" of aging instruments in the field.

To establish that the ATC Position Paper is not a consensus document generally accepted by all forensic toxicologists.

To introduce the concepts of "metrological control" and "metrological supervision" to the Court.

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