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COBRA data

The Crown will call this historical data about other test subjects. The defence will call this the best evidentiary, complete, and objective record of everything that happens on the machine. OIML calls it the "audit trail". COBRA software is the Windows version of ADAMS MS-DOS software. Prior to R. v. Jackson this data was being kept by the OPP, Toronto, York, and Peel Police, as well as others. Contrast the data kept on the machine (and extracted using COBRA software) of each air blank, cal. check, error, subject result for your client (a lot of data) v. the data for other individuals. Contrast the COBRA data respecting control tests from the prior solution change and subsequent solution change from data for other subjects. Contrast the COBRA data at start of shift, prior to your client's tests, during all Esc Esc sequences from data respecting other subjects. See this contrast in R. v. Ocampo. Read the Kuster-Patrick transcript to learn about the MS-DOS origin of this data and its usefulness in finding lost/discarded Intoxilyzer test records.

COBRA data of control tests
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